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3D konfigurátor Staňte se designéry svého závěsného systému.

V intuitivním konfigurátoru si můžete "naklikat" celý závěsný systém rychle a pohodlně, takže si živě dokážete představit, jak bude závěsný systém v reálu vypadat a fungovat.

3D konfigurátor 3D konfigurátor

From a storage system for the garage to a versatile solution serving the whole of Europe.

How to keep tools, sports equipment and anything else simply and clearly organized? When I started building my new home, I wanted everything to be perfect. But I couldn't find a practical storage solution. That's why I decided to create a unique hanging system designed exactly for the needs of people like me and you.

Příběh Reponia
Příběh Reponia

It all started when I started building.

When building a new home, you put everything into it. You want everything to work perfectly. I started thinking about how to organize that big pile of things in the garage so that there would still be plenty of space and everything would function well. I searched, but I couldn't find a solution. I wasn't satisfied with any of them.

That's why I decided to create an original hanging system that would save floor space in the garage and that I could customize over time. The key was the ability to utilize the walls for storage.

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How about putting everything on a hook?

I searched for a long time and discovered some fairly clever hanging systems, but none of them met our needs. They offered few options for hanging items specific to us in the Czech Republic and within the EU.

I wanted the ability to design my own hanging panels, hooks, holders, and other accessories according to people's needs. For everyday use that saves space, time, and effort.

That's why the Reponio hanging system was created, which quickly started to extend beyond home hobby use.

Not only in the garage, but also in stores or at exhibitions.

The advantages of the original hanging system quickly spread throughout entire households. This solution finds application not only in garages but also in workshops, basements, utility rooms, or pantries. Basically, anywhere where it's necessary to easily create organization and order.

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However, it soon became clear that Reponio is not only a great storage system, but also a presentation system. And he can combine these two qualities perfectly. That's why we started implementing installations in commercial spaces and developed a special line of Store accessories. At the same time, we proved that Reponio can also serve flawlessly as a presentation system at exhibitions and trade fairs. After all, our original presentation system always causes a stir, for example at the International Building Fair ForArch.


From the garage to other markets in Europe and new above-standard services.

Only 2 years have passed since the establishment of the brand, and the Reponio suspension system crossed the border into Germany.
The expansion to other European countries, such as Austria, Croatia, Spain or, for example, Hungary, followed gradually. For our customers to enjoy even more convenience, we have added services such as tailor-made solutions, professional installations or Installment sales without any markup.

Reponio continues to evolve and move forward. The Reponio brand has come a long way in its first 4 years.

Every year has been groundbreaking in some way. We don't rest on our laurels, continually expanding and improving the hanging system. A big thank you goes to you, our customers, as many new accessories and services have been created based on your ideas and feedback.

And our vision?

Organizing things throughout Europe to maintain sustainable order and clarity. At home, at work, in industrial production... Anywhere.

Tomáš Medřický CEO