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Reponio klub

Reponio club: a loyalty program full of exclusive benefits.

Welcome to the Reponio Club, a specially designed loyalty program for our most loyal customers. Membership of the Reponio Club brings you a range of unique benefits that allow you to make the most of our versatile suspension system.

Reponio klub Reponio klub Reponio klub

Benefits of Reponio Club membership

how to become a member
Výhody Reponio klubu Výhody Reponio klubu
Discount up to 20% for all registered club members

As a member of the Reponio Club, you can get lifetime discounts of up to 20% on all products in our store. This means that the more you shop, the more you save. Our special discounts are only available to club members, allowing you to enjoy our hanging system and accessories at exclusive prices.

Výhody Reponio klubu Výhody Reponio klubu
Special offers and events for members

As a member of the Reponio Club, you get access to special promotions, discounts and offers. Exclusive promotions and offers allow you to shop on even better terms and discover new ways to use your suspension system.

Výhody Reponio klubu Výhody Reponio klubu
Possibility to count all previous orders

All your previous orders count towards your membership, which means you're not starting from scratch. Your purchase history allows you to enjoy all the benefits of Reponio Club membership immediately.

Výhody Reponio klubu Výhody Reponio klubu
Priority order processing

Your orders will always have priority check-in, which means faster delivery and less waiting. As a result, you will receive your products faster than regular customers. In addition, you will have priority access to our customer support to help you resolve any questions or issues as quickly as possible.

Výhody Reponio klubu Výhody Reponio klubu
Exclusive Reponio Community

Join our exclusive community where you can share your experiences and get inspiration from other members. The Reponio Club community is the place to discover new possibilities and make the most of our suspension system.

Výhody Reponio klubu Výhody Reponio klubu
10-year extended warranty

Extend your standard warranty and enjoy the next 10 years. Enjoy your Reponio suspension system with the confidence that any problem will be resolved quickly and efficiently thanks to the extended warranty.

  • membership in the club is FREE
  • 30 days to exchange or return goods
  • Extended return period
  • Permanent price advantage on goods
  • Order history within the user account

The more you shop with us, the more discount you get.

If you sign up for our club program and shop with us more often, you will receive one of the loyalty discounts listed below when you reach the cumulative amounts listed:

Cumulative amount Permanent discount
10 000,- Kč 3%
25 000,- Kč 5%
50 000,- Kč 10%
100 000,- Kč 15%
200 000,- Kč 20%

* The customer discount earned is valid for all your future purchases, regardless of the amount.
* The customer loyalty discount will be automatically deducted from your basket.

Become a member
Reponio Reponio Reponio

How to become a member of Reponio Club?

První krok
Register in our e-shop

to the email you used in previous orders and fill in your details

První krok
Retrieve your completed orders

by sending a confirmation email in the "my orders" section

První krok
Confirm your email

by clicking on the confirmation link. Then all orders will be added to your account in the "my orders" section.

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