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3D konfigurátor Staňte se designéry svého závěsného systému.

V intuitivním konfigurátoru si můžete "naklikat" celý závěsný systém rychle a pohodlně, takže si živě dokážete představit, jak bude závěsný systém v reálu vypadat a fungovat.

3D konfigurátor 3D konfigurátor

A unique hanging system with which you can easily achieve your goals.

Do you want to enjoy sustainable and neaty order in your workshop or garage? Or do you need to present your goods elegantly? You can do all this with Reponio. And much more.

A branded solution for everyday use.


Quality, durability and longevity.
Reponio is a trusted Czech brand. Whether you use the hanging system at home for efficient storage or use it daily to display goods, it can easily manage it. We designed it to last.

More than


handy accessories
More than


stylish colors
Up to

200 kg

load capacity per m2
Up to

80 kg

holder load capacity
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Suitable for any occasion.

100+ hooks and holders hold everything you find inside and outside. It copes just as well with a light bike helmet as with a robust car roof box.

Complete sets
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Utility room
3D konfigurátor Discover more options in our 3D configurator 3D konfigurátor

With colors to match your style.

Choose the color of the panels, that you like or that suits your commercial purposes.

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Koupit Hareo set

Accessories to hang everything on.

Keep it
on the hook

With multi-use and special hooks, you can hang anything you can think of.

Reponio háky
Keep brackets
in line

Keep spacy things such as skis, boxes or heavy objects in line.

Reponio držáky
Baskets and boxes
Store things

Replace boxes piled up endlessly with a more efficient storage system.

Reponio háky
shelf system

Design your own original shelving system that you can easily customize at any time.

Reponio police
for business

Keep spacy things such as skis, boxes or heavy objects in line.

Reponio store

All accessories
in a unique color

Reponio design
Barevné kombinace

Reponio is the only one on the market to offer you accessories in multiple color variants. Customize your suspension system exactly according to your wishes, down to the last hook.

3D configurator Try it in the 3D configurator
Reponio design Duo černá kombinace Duo steel kombinace Move mouse

Fortis locks guarantee stability


The Reponio accessory does not move an inch in the panel. Even with daily use, the hooks and holders will stay securely in the grooves of the Hareo panels. In addition, Fortis locks ensure that accessories do not slip even under maximum load.

And you don't have to worry about installation, we'll take care of everything.

Entrust the installation of the Reponio hanging wall to a specialist company. You will save time and get a professional and perfect installation.

We install hanging walls throughout the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Germany, and Austria. Contact us for professional installation.


How to install on your own? Watch the detailed video tutorial or download the tutorial here.

Come and touch Reponio in the showroom.


Experience the benefits of the original Reponio hanging system in the showroom. We have panels in all colors, all accessories and, above all, a specialist who will advise you.

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