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3D konfigurátor Staňte se designéry svého závěsného systému.

V intuitivním konfigurátoru si můžete "naklikat" celý závěsný systém rychle a pohodlně, takže si živě dokážete představit, jak bude závěsný systém v reálu vypadat a fungovat.

3D konfigurátor 3D konfigurátor

Professional installation of the Reponio hanging system.

Enjoy the comfort of a certified installation. Save time and use an effective hanging system as soon as possible.


You will get a completed hanging system

If you want to start using the Czech hanging system Reponio as quickly as possible, entrust the installation to a certified installation team. Even though the installation is relatively simple, it will take your time. And probably a bit of trouble if you're not sure how to do it. With professional installation, you also don't have to worry about alignment and you won't need any tools. Preparation and cleanup are fully managed by the installation company.

Complete and precise installation without worries
Instalace bez starostí


Our installation team has done hundreds of installations

From small hanging walls to garages for complicated systems in industrial environments. The layout of the hanging panels does not need to be aligned in advance, as the system is completely flexible. Craftsmen adjust everything during installation. You will save costs of trips and targeting. You can count on the job to be done cleanly, quickly and without problems.

Order installation
We will advise and make a design and visualization for free. You know the price in advance.

Don't know which and how many panels you need? What accessories are ideal for your specific needs? Just reach out to us. We will promptly advise you, provide a free 3D visualization, and present a detailed price quote with everything included. All we need from you are the dimensions of the rooms where you want to use the hanging system.

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You can click the hanging system out yourself in the 3D configurator.

3D configurator

Do you want to get an idea of how your suspension system will look and how much it will cost? Use the 3D configurator. With Reponio, you can 'build' your system from hanging panels to all accessories. You can add hooks, holders, and all other system components to your selected panels. You will see the total price for all items right away and can purchase them with a single click in our online shop.

Try 3D configurator

You can install the Reponio hanging system yourself.

It is not difficult for the skilled. Download a step-by-step manual or watch a tutorial video.

Instalační manuál
Download the manual Don't know what to do?

Frequently asked questions

Can I install the hanging wall myself? What tools do I need?

To assemble the Reponio hanging wall, you need common tools that you have at home: Drill, tape measure, screwdriver, spirit level. In the case of Hareo panels, installation is very simple thanks to the Tigila rails and you can do it yourself.

How long does installation take?

It depends on how many panels you want to use. Installation of one 200 cm long panel usually takes 10 minutes.

What is the most effective installation of Hareo panels?

For the most efficient use of space, it is ideal to use 6 panels above each other, where the first panel is approximately 50 cm from the floor. Thanks to this, you can also use the lowest panel and store more things on the hanging wall.

How many screw rails do I need to install a 200 cm Hareo panel?

For a 200 cm panel, use a minimum of 4 screw rails. You can increase the number of rails to increase the load capacity of the hanging wall.

What materials can Reponio panels be installed on?

They can be installed on any wall that can support the panel and hanged items, such as bricks, concrete, wood, OSB boards, Ytong, plasterboard blocks, and similar materials

Can I cut the panels easily?

Yes, you can easily cut the panels with a hand hacksaw or even with the blade itself. It's even easier with electric tools - circular saw, straight saw, angle grinder, etc. Any unevenness of the cut can be covered with system rails.

Can the panels be removed and used elsewhere?

Yes. Thanks to the screw rails, the hanging wall is also ready for disassembly.

How much accessories do I need for efficient storage?

It depends on the usage area. If you only need to hang tools, basic hooks and holders will suffice. However, if you want to store everything perfectly, you'll also use additional shelves, boxes, special holders, and hooks.

What can be hung on the hanging wall?

Thanks to the accessories of 100+ hooks, holders, shelves and boxes, Reponio can handle everything that allows a load capacity of 200 kg/m2. From titration screws, to common sports equipment and tools, to very heavy objects such as construction lumber. Get inspired by the possibilities of use.

Do accessories from other brands fit Reponio panels?

No. The Reponio hanging system guarantees functionality, safety and durability only with original accessories.

What should I do if I need a custom-made hanging wall?

Call + 420 773 183 456 or email support@reponio.com for a quick consultation. We will agree on a tailor-made solution.

Is there anything we haven't provided an answer to for you?

Write to us or call us and we will solve everything.

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